Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday 12 - 1:30 Ballet - Eva

I love ballet. This was my class to test to see if my back is good yet. So far, I feel fine. I will know for sure tomorrow morning - or tonight when I am trying to sleep. I think it is ok. I hope so, because I am bored of resting and taking it easy.

I danced at the barre with the same tall girl as the last time I took this class.

There were a lot of people in class today because of spring break. A lot of youngin's en pointe. There was one beautiful little asian girl with lovely extension.

The lady in pink told me she liked my hair. That made me happy.

I only had one ballet shoe when I got there. I don't know where the other one disappeared to. I must have lost it last time on the way home? I checked the lost and found. So, I danced in my socks. I my jazz shoes and toe undies - but my socks were pretty comfy and I don't like the jazz shoe's little heal.

Walking back I thought about dancing more and yoging less - or just doing all my classes at Harbour - they have yoga - not hot yoga - just a thought.

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