Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday 12 - 1:30 - Contemporary Jazz - ??

I didn't catch the sub teacher's name. She had cute blonde piggy french braids and was nice. We did a nice warm-up and then ATF.
  • lay on back and lead with far arm across shoulder and make it turn you over - keep feet attached to ground so you kind of have to lace them through one another - then to get back you lead with your hips and flop back - and keep going. Relax your feet! 
  • half moon towards the direction you were going and then roll onto knees in ball and back to flat. 
  • Sit on knees - open right knee on pointed toe and lean back while rolling down the front of the leg bring together and do the other leg - you will be facing the back for the other leg. All the way across - I couldn't do this one with my right knee - I tried a couple but it bonked it. 
  • move any way you want
  • move any way you want in 16, 12, 8, and 6 counts to get across. 
Choreo: I didn't know the song or Shazam it. It had one shoulder roll to knee part - upside down that I changed because I couldn't put pressure on that right knee.  I made a different move for my old knees. It had a fun jete alonce part and then pique, pique, lame duck, fouette, fouette, attitude pirouette ending - fun!

Keli and Caitlin took class with me :-)

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