Thursday, May 21, 2015

Thursday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

The heat wasn't fully working today. Mari kept trying to make it work but it was just comfortable in there. I didn't mind. I did notice that the 10am class was cancelled today for maintenance so it will probably be back to hot tomorrow.

I had a good class.

I tried doing camel today but didn't going all the way back. I rolled my face cloth and put it under my right knee.

My left hip is better than it was but I can still feel it.

My right lower back is better but I can still feel a crunchy part in there as well.

My left thumb is still weak and sore.

The rest of me is good though!!

I thought about the boy's car activity center I am going to make for him in July. Instead of a side hanging thing over the window it has morphed in my mind to a lap table with saddle bags. I also see reversible - one side for colouring and the other for magnets or felt people ... or some other activity. The sides of the table will have little zip up or velcro or maybe all different to practice opening things pouches. When the table flips over there will be pouches on both sides for both activities. AND.. I was hoping it would roll up or turn into a bag or backpack to be carried in and out of the car for hotel play time - or whatever.

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