Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday 10:38 - 11:09 Skate E Spot (31 mins)

I warmed up with ollies and 180's. I was really trying to make my 180's faster. I want them to be comfortable like my ollies. I did my first line and it felt good today. The Sister Shunning of 2014 really gave me all the anger I needed to skate awesome today. I was going to start my second line  - but the boy got out and I kinda lost my zoot. The boy and I had been at the park for a long time before we went skating… up and down the stairs and back and forth along the metal Hydro grate. He didn't really go into the play park much. He is a strong tough guy on the outskirts. He did find a cool little doorway for a hose - that could be a good hiding place.. for a little toy or something. He was pretty impressed with that find.

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