Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tuesday 6:04 - 646 Skate E Spot (42 mins) and September Totals

September SKATE HOURS: (788 Minutes) 13 Hours and 13 Minutes

September DANCE HOURS: 19 Hours

September YOGA HOURS: 15 Hours

This was the first day on our new back to school and getting home late from dance team skate schedule. Jonny had dinner ready and the boy already eating. I walk in and get fed, change my pants, and go. My right hip flexor still does not want to lift my leg. I wanted to do kick flips because I found that new foot placement - but it hurt. I worked on pushing fakie and manuals. Then, I played with the boy. We were popping our boards up - me standing and him on his bottom. 

Jonny looked like he was having a good day - he is getting so much more awesome. (heart) 

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