Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday 6 - 7am BYV Express Kits - Roxana

There was a new student who stood behind me and he did a pretty good job for an older guy. Roxana did a good job going quick and explaining to the new student. It seems like a lot to squish in in this fast paced one hour class. I could tell she was stressed but she did an awesome job. I think one of the ladies got mad at her for being late letting us out of class one time and she hasn't let that go. You can't please everyone in the class all of the time. And those complainers - can go to another class if they don't like it. There are three studios and many other teachers and times - if you don't like it... leave! 

Anywho- I had a good class. It was nice to be able to do a whole class and I look forward to next week when I can do the whole 1.5 hour class because I have my spare block in the mornings! YAY! 

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