Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

Fire alarm testing today- Roxana speaks well over it but I can tell she hates it. She said after class she is going to see if they can move the testing in between the two classes. I don't see why that would be a problem.

I was a zombie getting out of bed this morning. I didn't sleep well. I don't think either of us have been sleeping well this week. Oh well - the weekend is here and we can.. no… we never get to sleep in! haha.. but man do we go to be early well. Reverse sleeping in!

I had an ok class. I missed one standing bow and one set of triangle. (I only did up to the lunge.)

Right hip has been hurting this week. Left hip is feeling better. The left lower back still has that crunchy that came with the hip - but I think it is getting better. No… it is getting better.

SUN! Hard to believe it was snowing at the start of this week. Fingers crossed for sun this weekend so I can walk and skate with my family!!

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