Saturday, February 15, 2014

Saturday 9:30 - 11am Bikram Kits - Mari

It has been a rough couple of weeks - first week with my hip and this last one with the passing of one of Jonny's best friends. It sucks. It doesn't make sense. I wish we could go back in time and drag him back out here and get him a girl and a family. Anywho - we can't go back in time… so I guess we just have to remember the good times we had with him and watch out for others that might fall down the same path.

Today's class was difficult and hot. There were two golden ladies complaining about the heat in the change room. Hey - they were there and they did their best… same as me. No sense complaining about it. We are lucky to be alive and get to attend this class.

My hip and back are still wonky.

I was thinking in the class - is it because I am getting old that these classes seem more difficult for me or is it because I am adding more intensity now that I am getting better at it. Maybe I should try not to add so much intensity so I can do the whole call without taking breaks.

Anywho - glad I went. It is always difficult after a hiatus. 

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