Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday 7:07 - 7:38 Skate Natas Lot (31 mins) & July Totals

It is a good thing we like the California mornings the best because Christian woke us up at 5:45 this morning.

I did my usual ollies and then worked on my ollie, 180, and fakie ollie line. Same as yesterday, I took the last five minutes to work on kick flips.

Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in a rut. Maybe I am improving but improving so slowly that I don't notice. Maybe I need to push myself harder. But, it is difficult when you are working in such sort increments of time. If I was a kid again, I would do stuff all day - not just for a half hour. I guess I am lucky to get that much time in with a toddler.

Jonny did awesome today - and while Jonny was skating the boy and I crossed the vast sands to the waters edge where he was stripped down to his diaper to play in the water. He loved it. Tomorrow I will dress him in his swimmers… and bring some dry clothes so he can really have fun.

July Skate Hours: 6:56 Hours 

July Dance Hours: 1 Hour :-( 

July Yoga Hours: 6 Hours

July Number of Waves: 39 waves :-) 

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