Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday 8:32 - 9:10 Skate E Spot (38 mins)

Wow - we haven't skated in a long time because of Jonny's back. Today it felt so good to be back into our routine. I mean, it was difficult to get started and I really sucked - we can't take breaks like this again - but the boy was good and it was so nice to be getting out and moving in the morning.

(I woke up to go to yoga this morning and turned off my alarm - I didn't want to have another class like yesterday. I will go tomorrow)

This morning it took me a while to get my ollies back. I rolled around for a while and then just started doing some ollies. Then I added the 180's and fakie shuvits. It was hot and we were sweaty. The boy was pretty good. I look forward to an afternoon shady skate :-)

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