Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wednesday 9:30 - 10:30am Surf Zuma!! (7 waves)

I miss Annina!! I remember her and I surfing here last year with dolphins. I think I would have made her proud though. I went out and caught a baby wave right away and then something spooked me and I caught a couple of white wash rides. Then I caught one more wave and went in to check on the boys. They were skating in the empty parking lot. Did I say empty? Yes! This surf spot has only a few people in it. It is so nice.

I went back in for a little bit - I caught seven waves in total. When I was on a roll there I thought maybe I will go for ten waves but then… they stopped coming in so nice.

The waves were nice small waves for me. There were a couple of other people out there with me and a kids surf camp just down at the next lifeguard tower. I didn't see any dolphins - but I know I will - I will be back tomorrow - the plan is to surf Zuma every weekday.

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