Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday 12 - 1:30 Contemporary Jazz - Julio - Chandelier

Wow - that was a lot more fun today!! Last week was rough because of the bad yoga class - but this week - I didn't go to yoga and I was ready to attack this class. I did the warm-up better than I have ever done it. I didn't skip any crazy strengthening exercises…

The choreo - I fixed the parts I was lulling over last week. I tried to add stops in - like he was talking about - but I am not sure if I was totally successful in doing that - but I tried. I got that one part from the roll to the out to the step step hip elbows arms out turn jump - on the rhythm of the song. I felt my extensions… it was pretty awesome.

The class was packed. We had three groups. I was in the third group.

My only complaint is my super efficient cooling system. I wish I could dance and stay dry.

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