Sunday, September 21, 2014

Saturday 9:10 - 9:57 and 3:38 - 4:14 Skate E Spot (1H 23mins)

New shoes, new wheels, new bearings, new deck - New new! My feet are fluffy clouds on a super fast board.

Morning sesh: I got used to the new new and did a lot of ollies. Then I went straight to kick flips - I have pop now. My goal is to get these kick flips - my fall goal.

My other goal is to do what I already do fast and poppy - click click.

Afternoon sesh: I did some ollies to start and then I worked on my first line. It was slow and sad - but it was going. I also worked on kick flips.

Both sessions I felt like I wanted to skate longer. I wish we had more time - but skating with a toddler - just lucky to be skating at all!! Soon he will be skating with us. I can just see us all cursing down the street and skating at different spots and parks. Our future forward is exciting.

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