Monday, January 1, 2018

Monday 9:30 - 10:30 One Hour Hot Yoga - Keiko

My favourite yoga family! 

I am back! I have decided to start posting again for 2018. I may not have time to post a lot each time - but I am determined to get back at it.

This morning I took the first yoga class of 2018. Keiko was greeting people at the door. She gave me a hug and her son gave me a hug. He is so tiny and cute. When class was over, I saw him at the door looking for mommy to come out.

Class was good. I noticed my right hamstring was sore. I had been doing the splits after class the last few days - so I gave it a rest today. There was a woman from ballet in class. I didn't know she did yoga. She had a beautiful class. She was doing the splits with a block under her heel as I left. I felt jealous... but heal then move forward.

I like Keiko's classes because she is always smiling. I like to smile back at her but then sometimes I notice other people not smiling and very focused. How can you not smile back? She is so sweet? I got to be me though - geeky smile and nerdy try hard.

I was injured in Cross Fit on November 6th. I injured my right shoulder / pec. It was so bad I couldn't sleep. I had to use (and still use) pillows to support my shoulder because it would hang when I slept. I had to modify postures that reached to the back like bow and some that reached forward like half tortoise. Each week I try the postures again to see if there is pain, and if not, I hold them for a little bit. Today, I did one standing bow and one bow pose. It seems my shoulder is getting better.

I have also been adding the splits in after class as I have not had to rush off to teach. However, my right hamstring is now feeling sore and over stretched. (from ballet or stretching after class?) So, I will add that injury to my calendar and lay off the extra stretching until it feels better.

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