Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Tuesday 7:45 - 8:45am One Hour Hot Yoga - Dan / Silent class

I haven't taken the silent class in a while. I slept right till 7:30. (How am I going to get up at 5:45 tomorrow?) Usually, I count during the silent class, but this time, I tried to focus on the breathing. I probably ended up counting my breaths... in 8's. But, it was a start. I couldn't let my minder wander as much, because I had to focus on when the change was. There was a human close to me who kept changing early, so I had to watch that, that didn't trigger my own change.

My right shoulder / pec was sore today. I guess it was too early to add in the bow. I reined in back in today. My right hammy was also mad at me, so I chilled on that too.

Looking forward to contemporary at noon - hoping there are no moves that will hurt me or that are easily modified.

I left the class feeling very calm.

I was also thinking in yoga, (yoga thoughts), I may not post as I used to. I may post once a week or once a month when I get busy with teaching and school again. I won't feel pressure to just post because I have to - it is ok to catch up later - and just write about classes when I have time or something important came up. I am happy that I am back writing though. I missed this. All those thoughts in my head, I now have a place to put them again. (My husband will thank me... no more after yoga crazy ideas for him.) 

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