Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday 4:09 - 4:37 Skate E Spot (28 minutes)

It is beautiful and sunny today. It was my first day back to school but I had my spare last block - but I had to stop at Walmart and get some costume stuff for the show Thursday… but I still got home earlier than normal. When I got home Jonny got me a snack and then we packed the boy up and went for a skate.

I did a lot of ollies. I was doing some weird sketchy not- ollie that was annoying… like three or four times. But I also had some good ones going fast. Then I did some 180's and those are coming around and getting not as slow. 

The boy was done sitting in his chair so away we went. He didn't get a squirm this time but he is squirming around now. 

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