Thursday, March 13, 2014

Thursday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Roxana

I had my third good class in a row but I fought hard for it today. I woke up with all kinds of sore muscles. I choreographed head rolls into the grade 8 dance and man am I regretting that this morning. They probably aren't feeling it as much as I am because they are younger and don't try as hard as I do demonstrating at the front…. I hope they aren't as sore as I am. I am proud of myself for evening getting to class today.

A couple of things set  me off at the start: The gate was closed to the parking lot so I had to drive around to the other entrance and park somewhere new. I forgot my water bottle in the car and had to go back to my new place quickly. The class started 5 minutes late and that was my fault. I stood in my place quickly but didn't get to do my usual pre-yoga stretches. I did it though.

My right hip is killing me. (Stephanie's ab work out on Tuesday had a lot of holding the legs up.) My left hip is not killing but not normal. The right lower back is still sore. AND… my neck. However… I did everything. I even did the triangles but I did not hold the final position the whole time. I went back to luge and then standing straight legged with arms up.

I think the bag that I put my clean underoos in smells like dry dog food. Now I smell like dry dog food.

I told myself I could buy a Gatorade after class and even chose my colour. (Blue then changed my mind to red). Then I tried to convince myself to get a healthy coconut water. I was going to get one of them no matter what after class. BUT, I didn't. I gulped so much water out of the filtered tap and then had my juice in the car. It was a nice thought to get me through the class though.

Parent Teacher interviews today - oh joy! 

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