Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday 8:37 - 9:08 and 1:39 - 1:58 Skate E Spot (50 minutes Total)

This morning the boy woke up an hour earlier so we were up and out a lot earlier. It was sunny but cold! I didn't think my legs were going to work at all but eventually they warmed up and things started popping and feeling fun instead of sketchy.

I worked on ollies, 180's, shuvits, and manuals today. Jonny also started to teach me no complies but I gotta let that one sink in. I can't really get my mind around how to make that work yet.

During the second session it was a little warmer and I didn't need all that time to warm up. I didn't skate as long because I let the boy out so he could have a squirm. We got some good footage of him skating that I will put all together in my spring break blog entry.

Awesome day today! 

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