Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday 9:44 - 10:14 & 3:58 - 4:43 Skate E Spot

Today is HOT!!

Our morning sesh was later than usual and it was scorching hot up at E spot. We skated for about a half hour and had to go.

I thought I was going to hip hop but the class was cancelled due to lack of students - I was pretty bummed.

Afternoon skate was mucho better but still hot. The shade grew across our skate spot. I blasted the Smashing Pumpkins and did a lot of fast, big ollies. The last fifteen minutes I worked on my kick flips. I finally feel confident on this new board. I wish we hadn't lost our E spot for so much of the start of summer.

The boy didn't skate second session. He played with his ninja turtle who was skating and I had to fix every few minutes. I should just glue that thing to the board. He did some good pushing during the morning session though.

I look forward to tomorrow's skates. I am going to get up early all week and go to yoga so I don't miss it like I have other days. It is time to take control of the last two weeks of training!! 

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