Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Tuesday 7:58 - 8:45 & 3:30 - 4:20 Skate E Spot

Today was a really rough day with the boy. Both Jonny and I spent a lot of our skate time trying to get the boy doing his own skate thing - instead of skating. It was hard to get into it today and hard to focus.

Morning sesh:
10 lines of:
I don't think I got to anything else.

The boy did some awesome skating ... at the end. I would put the board on his toes upside down and he would flick it and jump on it. (I was holding his hands) He also did three pushes and wide stance. (Also holding hands.) The boy and I watched some kids skating on YouTube today too. 

Afternoon sesh:
10 lines of:

Focused on 180's the rest of the time getting those back around.

I am not liking the new board size. Jonny promises me that I will when I get used to it. He said it took him four boards to like it - and now he likes it way better.

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