Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday 9:08 - 9:38 and 2:30 - 3:11 Skate E spot and F spot (1H 11Mins)

This morning we skated E spot and I was slow to warm-up. My nano wasn't charged either so I was music less. I did ollies and slowly warmed up. The last ten minutes I did some slow 180's. I was feeling good by the end of my session. I let the boy out for a skate and squirm. He is doing some good but riding and he likes to hold my hand and walk around our perimeter.

This afternoon the BMX dude was doing his tricks at E spot so we backed up and hung out at F spot. I was sad at first and then I found some new fun. It is not as smooth there. There was a tiny transition I skated up and down and that was fun. I ollied between the bumpy lines but one day I wasn't to ollie over them.

The BMX dude left and we went to E spot where I continued to ollie my usual path - but really fast and confident. It felt so fun. I was super sweaty. I was going to start doing some 180's but the boy was ready for a squirm and I was pretty pooped so boy skate time.

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