Monday, April 7, 2014

Sunday 9:03 - 9:37 and 1:08 - 1:39 Skate E Spot (1 hour!)

We had two sessions Sunday. I skated with music today - Jonny's WifeRUNmixSEVEN. I had a great skate day. The first session I just ollied. There were a lot of puddles still from the rain Saturday. I found a line through them and went back and forth doing two ollies over lines each way. I did that for a half hour straight. I didn't do anything else. I was so sweaty. My ollies were feeling higher and more confident.

During the second session there were no more puddles. It was all nice and dry. I had more space to play but I went back to that line and did more ollies. Then I tried to do ollie and on the second line a 180 but I go too fast for my ollies and I still like to slow down for the 180's - so that didn't work. So, I went close to the boy and just worked on slow 180's. I had more 180's coming around and rolling out.

It was a good day! 

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