Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday 6 - 7:!5am Bikram Cambie - Ulrike

There were so many men in class today. I literally looked in the mirror and all other bodies around me were men. There was the old guy in the flowered ladies shorts, the old guy in the purple shorts, the guy with the spiky hair that makes noises upon exertion, the south east Asian dude with the bun in his hair, and more.. that is all I can remember. It was weird. It made me think of Charlie doing yoga. Imagine if just showed up one day at 6am in my class. That would be funny. He says it is really helping his sore back - I really believe it is the best thing for ya… (even Jonny does it at home on his own… except he calls it stretching.)

I had a pretty good class. One of the other old guys from the other side of the room told Ulrike to hold the door open - he was dying. hahaha.. but I was right by the door so that was nice. I was ok though. I didn't do any triangles because my hips were killing me last night. They are feeling a bit better today.

Anywho - I have got to do report cards now!! 

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