Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wednesday 6:33 - 7:02 Skate E Spot (29 minutes)

We got to go for another after dinner skate today. (We went yesterday too but I was too pooped to do anything but walk there and watch the boy skate and walk around) Today, I had a good half hour. I started off just cruising around and then I did a bunch of ollies and then I did a bunch of 180's.

Jonny has overused either his groin or hip flexor - so he had to rest and watch me and chill with the boy. He is icing and resting now. Hopefully he can still get another skate in in the morning before it rains… who knows.. maybe he should just rest! Maybe a good night sleep will do it - fingers crossed.

I also did some fakie ollies, shuvits, and I flipped my board around for fun. I was having a good time and Jonny was giving me some good pointers. Thanks my love!

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