Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Tuesday 6:05 - 6:28 Skate E Spot (23 minutes)

I thought I got a half hour but I forgot I had a snack when Jonny started skating and then I let the boy skate for a bit.

I worked on the same ollie path I was doing the last time. I was super tired from my long day… but there aren't that many long days left.

Unfortunately I brought up Kelowna - cause I was thinking that after Kelowna is over I will have more free time after school because that is our last competition. I have released Jonny of his duties and he will no longer be bringing the boy and coming to Kelowna with me. He really didn't want to go so why should I force him? Kelowna tried to ruin the rest of my evening but I wouldn't let it. But man… do I wish I hadn't accidentally said Kelowna. 

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