Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday 10:27 - 11:27 Skate E Spot and down to Coopers 4 - 4:14 Skate E Spot (1:14)

Whoa - last night was pretty awful. The boy is pushing through some big arse teeth… four to be exact. He was crying and unhappy many times in the night and woke up at 5:30. We put him down for an early nap at 7:30 and that is why our morning skate is so late.

I had a great skate. There were lots of puddles that Jonny was ollie-ing. I did some ollies in a circle for two Chandeliars. I did some ollies and 180's. I did some shuvits and I tried to wrap my mind more around the no comply. I want to flick the board outwards instead of inwards.

Jonny pushed the stroller and I skated down the ramp and down to Coopers. I tried some manuals and skating on different textures - like chunky brick.

At Coopers I tried my nose slides and I slid two of them. I also did a nose stall come off and shuv-it. Dave Levington tricks.

The boy skated Coopers too. He went up and down the ramp and he lifted the board up onto the curbs trying to do some grinds. It was pretty cute.

We made it out for another skate - it was just a short one. The boy was not into sitting in his chair. We let him out and Jonny had a bit more of a skate - he was finally having a good little session.

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