Sunday, May 25, 2014

Saturday 8:53 - 9:22 and 9:33 - 9:58 Skate E Spot and Coopers (54mins)

Saturday morning I started with my ollie circle warm-up and then I did my ollies over the line and 180's. 

We went to Coopers and I started with a few 180's and then I decided to relearn nose slides on the curb. I started with some nose stalls hitting it straight on. I then tried to hit them at an angle on the non-waxed section and then I tried the waxed section. I wasn't going that fast but I think I slid one time. I am excited to go back there and try again. 

We tried to go out for a second skate on Saturday but there was a soccer game on at the stadium. We walked to a couple of different spots but everyone was out enjoying the different events in the sun. We ended up going for a nice long walk and SkyTrain ride. We had some Vietnamese at our favourite spot and walked home along the c wall. 

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