Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday 5:03 - 5:42 Skate E Spot (39 mins) & May Totals

I had a good after school skate. I put my music on shuffle and listened randomly. I put a bunch of new music to listen to on there … so everything was interesting. There was some sun but it is always shady at this time of day on this side of the stadium.

What did I do?
- Circle of ollies warm-up
- ollies over the crack and 180's
- tried to figure out no complies again - wrapping my head around it but no where near getting the foot off and scooping in one motion - more like step off, scoop, struggle, step back on.
- tried some kick flips - Jonny reminded me to kick forwards not down. I have always kicked them down.

The boy got a skate and a bit of a walk - but it started to rain … so into the stroller and soot home.

May Skate Total: 598 minutes or 9 hours and 56 minutes. 

May Bikram Hours: 13.5 Hours

May Dance Hours: 5 Hours 

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