Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Tuesday 5:20 - 5:56 Skate E Spot (36 mins)

I had a great skate today. I was so angry after school for this and that. I don't want to get back into it.. but skating took it away. I just put on my music and ollied in my circle. I did an extra long warm up really trying to get my ollies high. I really tried to jump.

Next I did my ollies over the centre line and 180's. These were great today. I had a great day.

The boy got out for a skate too.

We had a terrible end to our skate today. Some older guy came around with his dogs off leash and they ran up to the boy's face. Jonny was right there trying to shoo them away and then one of the dogs relieved himself on Jonny's skate board. Bad human.

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