Saturday, May 3, 2014

Saturday 8:56 - 9:37 Skate F and E Spot (41 mins)

We are lucky we got out for a skate this morning cause it is rainy and yuck now. There were a couple of street punks and their dog at E spot when we first rolled up so we retreated to F spot. I didn't want to be there at first but I liked it in the end because I ollied the dark grey bumpy section. You can see it in the picture above - this is a picture from the end of the last summer.

When we saw that the street punks had left we went to E spot where I tried to ollie the big section. Of course I didn't make it but at least I am trying now. I did that and some 180's. It was a good morning - would be awesome to have a second skate today!!

I found the UK version of me today: 

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