Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Tuesday 6:07 - 6:47 Skate E Spot

I had a good skate today. It was a struggle to start because I have a sore throat and my muscles were tired from my busy day - but once I got into it it was good. I started with just ollies even though I didn't feel like jumping. I progressed to my ollie and 180 line which was making me sweat. No breaks - keep going - you never know how long you will get with the boy so appreciate every moment and make the most of it - but my legs are pooped - so I switched to a new line ollie and shuvit. Fun. Something different and not so much work with my legs. Then I decided to try and throw it into my other line: ollie, 180, shuvit - but I didn't get enough speed to keep it going. Next time!

The boy got a squirm, a skate, and a walk by the water. We were all pooped when we got home. Eat, bath - bed! 

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