Thursday, May 22, 2014

Wednesday 5:49 - 6:17 Skate E Spot (28 mins)

I had music today. I like my warm-up better with some tunes. I did my ollies over my usual cracks which is two stop and then two stop. I don't stop long. But, I did two keep going in a circle and then two more back and then a stop. So I condensed my warm-up and took away one stop. 

Next I worked on my ollies over the centre crack and then a 180. I tried to add in a fakie ollie and a shuvit if I kept on rolling - happened a couple of times! 

The boy got a skate and he walked all the way home along the c wall. No rude dog people crossed in front of us and stood still blocking the entire side walk today - so that was pretty special. 

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