Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wednesday 6 - 7:30am Bikram Cambie - Mari

Jonny sent me these pictures this morning. (One from the last blog entry too) Love him. Love them.

I didn't have an awesome class today but it wasn't bad - I was just not feeling it. For one thing, my throat is mildly sore. It is annoying - it has been two weeks almost now. Jonny thinks it is allergies but I think it is just a mild cold. If it were allergies my eyes and nose would be itchy. I know my allergies. It is just a stubborn mild cold that doesn't stop me from doing anything but just will remind me to be appreciative of feeling good. When it is gone I will think - damn it feels good to be a gangster!

The other thing is my biceps, triceps, and pecs are aching from the push up YouTube I did yesterday. ouch! I guess I don't use those muscles enough. I will have to do that one again … maybe tomorrow.. build these muscles up a bit. Get ready for surfing summer!

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