Friday, August 15, 2014

Friday 12 - 1:30 Contemporary Jazz - Julio - The Mating Game

I am glad I made it to class today. I was really rushed and drinking juice and shoving toast done my throat before class - it has been a full morning. Today is Julio's last day teaching Friday's in August. (I wonder if he will be teaching on Monday nights?) I won't get a chance to take this class again until I have a Friday pro-d - or if the strike continues - but I am thinking positively that it will be all settled by the start of school. 

Anywho - I have done this piece before. There is a roll in the dance that I couldn't get last time and practiced and even put in a dance that my grade 8's did. However, it is so fast in this dance - that I still couldn't get it in time. I was also so sweaty that my leg keep sliding out - so I put on my leg warmers to absorb the sweat and make me stick to the ground - my legs were so warm! The important thing is even though I didn't get it - I kept on trying and I was way closer than last time. Unfortunately, I am going to be black and blue from hurling myself around and upside down on the hard floor. 

Julio - don't look stressed was one of his comments to the class. I think I always look stressed - must relax! 

I looked it up - Kelly Kono is teaching street jazz on Monday for Julio. We are the same age and used to compete in the same category when we were young. Her and her sister always won first!! I will take that class :-) 

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