Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday 9:06 - 9:49 Skate E Spot (43 mins)

This morning we went for our first E spot skate in a while. It was nice to be back on the smooth concrete. The morning was grey and cool.

The boy stayed in his chair for about thirty minutes eating grapes and other snacks. I didn't think he would sit that long since when we were away he was skating with us taking turns watching him the whole time.

I made up a game in Venice Beach - I have to do my line three times in a row without making a mistake before I could quit. If I made a mistake I had to go back to one. This morning I changed the game - I had to get my line right five times. The farthest I made it was four. The game is still on. Maybe I will get it tomorrow.

I didn't get to my kick flips today. Hopefully, tomorrow I will.

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