Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday 6:15 - 7:45 Jazz - Moe

Yay! I finally got a Moe class. It has been a long time.

Moe did Kelly's class too.

Anywho, we did an ATF cardio section of warm-up. It was one long ATF that we did six times on each side. I didn't have it all in my head the first time we went across but it got in there by the end.

We did the stretching and strengthening that Moe usually does after the ATF cardio part.

Moe taught a shorter than usual choreo. It was nice because my brain was not focussing as well as I wanted it to. I remembered all the movements and was getting into it at the end.

I look forward to next Monday. Although, I am going to remember to bring two sweat towels - cause I was super sweaty and gross. I kept thinking of Jonny hating runners' waft - I had dancers' waft. haha..

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