Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday 10:25 - 10:55am and 4:30 - 5 Skate E Spot (1 Hour)

First Sesh:
This morning we had a slow start. It is still grey in the mornings. It is 1:44 now - and the sun is out a bit - not super out - but out. I hope we get one more blast of summer before it is all over.

Anywho, I didn't feel like jumping today. My legs (and everything else) is sore from yesterday. So, I practiced my manuals. They are pretty tricky. I got them a bit longer but I really don't have them yet. Jonny says it is easier to do them after oiling up something. That seems like it would be harder to me.

The boy and I had fun bum skating today. I kept following him and honking at him and then ramming into him and he would just giggle. Good times!

Second Sesh:
It is so nice to be back to the land of two sessions - although drinking beer in the afternoons in LA was also pretty nice!

I started with manuals and I got some that felt like I was actually doing them. Jonny told me I need to move my weight back and move my front foot more forward on my board.

I played my game with my line and got to five but failed on the last shuvit!! I almost won. I started to play again and kept sucking so I stopped and went back to manualing. I did my kick flips for a bit but wasn't feeling those and went back to manualing… it was a manual day.

The boy and I also did some more butt boarding.

Pretty awesome day…

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