Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday 1 - 2:30 Hip Hop at Edge - Leslie

You can see the Hollywood sign from the studio window - that is pretty awesome. I didn't notice that last time - I was in the same studio (E) - but it was dark. 
My drive to the Edge studio took me about 40 minutes. The parking lot is different than the one from last year. They are doing some construction - but I figured it out. I got parked and got upstairs. I sat behind some dance moms and looked in the window to watch the Jazz 2 class which one of the mom's told me was actually a contemporary class because he was a sub. It looked fun. There were a lot of young kids. I hoped I wasn't going to be the only old person in class.

It was our turn. I got in the studio and some guy said that the teacher was in the bathroom but on her way. I had had thought I wouldn't like this class from the girl's bio and YouTubes - but it fit the time that I wanted to dance - not that I will dance at this time again - TRAFFIC! Anywho - she walked in and she was me a year and a half ago teaching dance - prego! WOW - it brought back memories. She had someone come in and film her dancing so she could explain to her daughter why she came out deformed. Anywho - Leslie had a lot of energy… (she was drinking pink liquid from a extremely huge water bottle with a tube.. and she sweat as much as me!)

Needless to say, I liked her. She tried to make connections with people and learn names. She gave god corrections and tried to interact with a lot of students. It reminded me of Eric… but pregnant.

Anywho - it was a good class. Her most important correction was to free style before the music starts. How many times have I said this to my own students. The other cool thing she is involved with is Addvocates in Dance.  This is dedicated to tackling the hypersexualization of children and youth in our dance culture. That is pretty awesome. She is also involved with: Edify Movement.

So, class went well. It was supposed to be from 1 - 2 but she went till 2:35. Then, I had to drive home. There was some road contraction and I got turned around on Highland and went the wrong way for ten minutes.. which meant I had to go ten minutes back.. through Hollywood at 3pm.. traffic… hardly moving. So, Jonny expected me home at 3 and I wasn't even close. I knew he would be worried. I made it home just before four. I walked in the door and he was so relieved. He thought I was dead. He didn't know how he was going to get to a phone without the stroller. If his phone hadn't broke this wouldn't have been a problem.. but.. it is broken..

Anywho - we celebrated my life after class :-)

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