Friday, August 22, 2014

Friday 9:28 - 9:59 and 2:48 - 3:31 Skate E Spot (1H 14 mins)

Morning sesh:
This morning I didn't have much focus when I was skating. I just did whatever I felt. The boy was out for half the time so watching him and skating = less focus on improvement and more playing. And, there is nothing wrong with that - cause it is skateboarding and it is supposed to be fun.

Afternoon sesh:
The boy didn't nap as we had hoped today. By the time we walked over to the spot he was asleep. So, we parked him in the shady corner and let him sleep. We skated in the other corner.

I focussed on fakie ollies for a the first bit and then I focussed on my 180's. I think I made some progress.

The boy woke up after a half hour. He fell back to sleep for a little bit on the walk home to get swim stuff. It wasn't much of a nap - but it was a pretty good skate :-)

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