Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sunday 9:08 - 9:28, 9:36 - 9:57 and 5:46 - 6:17 Skate F, Coopers, and E Spot (1h 12mins)

F Spot:
There was a bum sleeping on the ledge at E Spot this morning - so we skated F spot. I didn't do much. I ollied the grey section and did some manuals.

I practiced my nose slides. This was fun. Sometimes I got to nollie and shut-it out. I had some that slid and more that didn't. I have to lean over more on the nose.

E Spot:
I did some manuals and they are getting a bit more comfortable… but still not long. I started playing my game but got bored of losing - so I just kept practising my line. I started getting my 180's better and faster. That has to be my focus.

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