Saturday, August 2, 2014

Saturday 5 - 6:30 Bikram Yoga Marina Del Rey - Carrie

I did it. I went to class at the Bikram across from the Jolly Rodger - finally! I went to the $5 community class but I had to rent a matt and a towel - so it cost $11. Still not a bad deal.

Our teacher, Carrie, was very energetic, had good flow, and gave a lot of helpful corrections and advice to a lot of people. One thing she said that I will remember was to shorten your abs on one side and lengthen on the other when doing the head to knee type stuff - she said it a couple of times and it made sense at the time - I will probably think about it again.

The studio was nice. It was hot and sweaty. I think it may be a wetter hot than our studio. I was soaked before we even finished breathing. The class was packed and I had to stand at the front. I didn't like to be that close to myself because my brain kept thinking bad thoughts - but whatever -I am 40! I should be stoked.

Anywho - I went and I had a good class. I look forward to having a visit next year and I look forward to returning to my own studio and getting back into my regular practice.

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