Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday 9:05 - 9:35 and 3:10 - 3:43 Skate E spot (1H 3M)

This morning I did not have a very good session. I was pooped for some reason and I didn't feel like jumping. I didn't do my warm-up circle. I went straight into ollies and 180's over the crack. I guess I needed the warm-up. I didn't do that very long and when I was doing it I took long breaks at each end. Then I just went really fast all around. Then I tried to go fast and manual - but that wasn't working either. After that I tried something new - Jonny taught me how to push mongo and jump to ride fakie. So, I did that back and forth for a bit really slow and sketchy like. That will be a good skill to have. 

We walked passed Coopers and no one was there but I didn't feel like skating anymore. So we went for a little walk. I should never pass up a chance to skate - but I don't know - I was just tired. 

We all had a nap during Christian's nap time. 

Second session was mucho better! I was just tired. I started with ollies and 180's and went back and forth and back and forth without stopping and taking breaks. I was super sweaty. 

Then, we went for a swim. It was a great afternoon :-) 

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