Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday 8:55 - 9:49 (-5 minutes to walk to Coopers) and 4:08 - 4:26 Skate E, F, and Coopers (1H 7mins)

I had an awesome skate morning this morning. We started at E Spot and I did some ollie circles. I was just about to do some ollies and 180's and then this worker guy came to block off our area. He was polite about it. We moved to F spot where I ollied the bumpy cement sections. Then I created a new circle for this area and had a bit more fun. There is a patch of whiter cement that I pretended to be a manual pad (Jonny's idea). I ollied my first cement patch then I will one day ollie onto the manual pad but I just rode up today, then around and up my tiny transition and off of it and then I just went back around in a circle. I would like to add one more ollie over the rough cement patch - next time.

We then walked down to Coopers where I spent some time remembering how to nose slide. It was fun.. but I was almost late for my Dance Teacher meeting - but I made it and Shirley was right behind me. All good!

Our second session wasn't so good - we were just warming up at E spot and then they had to open the gate for a game. So we moved to F spot but the boy was done sitting. Oh well - as Jonny says, "I guess we can't complain. We don't own the stadium and are lucky they don't kick us out all the time."

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