Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tuesday 12:47 - 1:30 and 4:43 - 5:04 Skate F Spot (64mins)

We had a relaxing cloudy morning this morning (well after yoga!) 

I had a couple of great sessions. I got to listen to the new Donker Mag while skating. That was fun. I wish I could use these songs in school - I will have to do some editing or find some clean versions. 

Session 1: 
ollie circle
ollie and 180's over the crack - I should start doing the 180's over the crack now too… next time. 
attempting no complies - I had a cool little spill in the end. That means I was really trying. 

Session 2: 
just a couple of ollie circles (I was a little tired) 
ollie and 180's 
skate fast and manuals
Boy skate 

Next time I am going to do my 180's over the crack and hopefully visit Coopers again soon so I can work on my nose slides. 

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