Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday 10:24 - 11:06 and 5:45 - 6:15 Skate E Spot (56 mins) & June Totals

The weather has been very disappointing for summer. We woke up to rain but then it got dry and we had a nice skate. The weather app said it was going to be sunny at 4pm so we panned to go swimming and skate again - but it was raining so hard it was bouncing off the road. And now, it is all wet again and we missed our swimming time. We tried to go… we stood outside the front door and looked out at the rain and thought.. not worth it!

Oh well, at least we got one good skate in. Here is what I did:
- skate around a bit
- mongo push to jump fakie
- ollies and 180's and some fakie ollies
- I tried standing still and doing kick flips. Jonny and I discussed different feet placements - but the way he suggested is not how I used to do it - so it felt wrong and wouldn't work for me. We came home and checked online and have some new ideas to try next time we get out.

I should have stopped by Coopers. I probably won't get a morning skate tomorrow. Jonny is good deeding and helping the old lady who cleans our building to move. How could he say no to her? She is so sweet. She must really have been desperate for help to ask him - and it must have been hard for her to ask as well. I just hope it goes quickly and easily for him.

Hey! We got out for a second skate after all - yay! Thank-you sunshine.
There were puddles all over so we basically had our rain skate covered area to skate. I tried to do some ollies and 180s but wasn't feeling the squishy area. I found a nice dry patch and tried the kick flips and new foot placement that Jonny showed me on the YouTube. It worked. I didn't land any but I am going to add them into my practice to have something to work towards.

June Skate Hours: 13 Hours and 31 minutes (799 minutes) 

June Bikram Hours: 16.5 Hours

June Dance Hours: 0!!! That is just embarrassing! Get to class!! 

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